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Classic Bodies Now available!
Camaro Hardtop and Camaro Convertible Replacement Body Shells styled after the famous 1969 Camaro. A complete welded shell from the firewall to the tail lamp panel and from the frame rails to the windshield frame.

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Dynacorn Classic Bodies - Facts & Features  
  • A Camaro Hardtop comes with rear deck lid and both doors ( without glass) already installed. The Convertible comes with rear trunk lid, doors (without glass), and convertible frame work, (vinyl top not included).
  • Our body includes all of the structural parts, brackets and braces already welded in place. All overlapping seams are coated with weldable primer. All seams are sealed and an epoxy primer is applied to the entire body.
  • The body will require some reworking to get it ready for paint and assembly. But, a lot less than if you were trying to fit new panels and floor pans to an existing body.
  • The tolerances on any new GM car in the 60’s were haphazard at best. Anywhere from 1/8 - ¾ inch. These cars were built on an assembly line out of assembly line stamped parts. Some fit ok and were attached, some were not.
  • As these units were welded together, they were refitted and aligned as they went down the line to subscribed tolerances. If they did not make it they were reworked again until they did, or the shell was scrapped and they did not scrap too many shells.
  • There was not one unit from any GM plant that did not have some area that was rough or unfinished before it was primered and painted.
  • This is exactly what you are facing when you purchase a body shell. They are ready to be finished. Finished being the operative word here. In no case will they arrive ready to throw on a front clip and paint.
  • Even having to finish the shell, straightening, possibly even having to re-tack a piece, it is still a whole lot easier than starting from scratch replacing all the panels on a Camaro.
Classic Bodies FAQ  
For State Licensing Regulations, please contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles.
These shells were originally designed to restore a tired convertible, coupe or pick up. Along the line, we configured this body to allow maximum flexibility for any project. Use a donor vehicle for the doors, trunk lid, front clip, sub-frame and running gear and you're on the way to a high point restoration of a show car. Opt to go 100% new stock replacement and have a brand new car with legendary heritage. Or choose a hot rod street beast built to your heart's desire from the grand buffet of aftermarket parts and high tech toys available today.
That's a hard one to answer. While the most difficult work has been done, there could be areas that will require a little extra work sheet metal being what it is. But, all told, the time in restoring your car should be cut in half. Because of our attention to detail, all original or reproduction replacement parts may be easily installed.
Our assemblers have over 20 years of restoration experience and weld each shell with state-of-the-art equipment to GM Specifications. Each body is sealed and primed with a Dupont product prior to being crated for shipment. We want our users to be confident in the quality of the materials and the workmanship that goes into each and every Dynacorn Classic Body as it comes from our assemblers.
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